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Venia from the Capitol area has stepped from the demostandard into the colorful group of recording artists. The In Our Weakness -MCD released by Bombworks Records, is a Christian heavy metal production consisting of a intro as well as four songs.

Venia presents themselves surprisingly balanced on their first official release. The output serves old school melodic metal, which gets a nice additional color by vocalist Veronica Fagerlund who has found noteably more variation into her vocal performance since the demo times. The songs on the mini CD are not songwritingwise very enviably original, but on the contrary there are some nice stimulating details in the song arrangements. As a counterbalance to the melodic playing the album also shows Venia's more primitive side mostly in the form of attitude filled dark growling vocals. Atmosphere is brought by the violin parts played by Veronica, at the best the violins above the guitars at the end of the final song No More sound bombastically original.

The In Our Weakness -MCD immediately finds its style after the atmospheric intro and stays at uniform quality almost all the way through. Only the finnish song Heikko scratches my hearing senses, as the finnish lyrics don't fit the bands delivery even nearly as well as the Christian lyrics in english. The production is clear, but especially the guitars and drums still miss a notch of more jagged sound world. With the growling vocals this lack is even multiplied. The In Our Wekness -MCD displays a viable band, who however still has some way to a perfect success.

Olli Rinnekangas, 10.11.2005

Rating: 6+ / 10

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