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The 5-peice band Venia from Helsinki convinced with their one year ago released debut demo Genesis, that however was troubled by very weak production. The groups second peice of work In Our Weakness -EP fixes this expectedly, and at the same time some heavier tones has snuck their way into the music. The Iron Maiden and classic heavy metal influences have somewhat had to leave room for surprisingly heavy thrash and attitude influences, and you can even hear them in the otherwise clear singing of Veronica Fagerlund. The band has luckily not lost their skill to write energetic and fresh melodies, which made already their demo very pleasing for the ears.

Thick gnawing guitars and the vocals of Fagerlund are combined whenever to catchy 80's metal, whenever to a bleakish, but at the same time poppy power ballad. The most radical example of the new style is the song The Path, in whos agressively jamming verse we hear Fagerlund's attitude filled shouting which reminds of Daron Malakian. Also the guitarist Jere Veijalainen successfully stretches his vocal chords over to the distoted area. The slow and somewhat average chorus unfortunately doesn't really fit. The other bothering thing on the EP is the lyrics of the in finnish sung song Heikko - especially the part "remember to follow trends" hits my ear with its clumsyness. The chorus filled with lifeforce however cover the situation, and the lacks are merely a small stick in the wheels of the groups viable songwriting.

Sharp playing together, the succesfully varied vocal usage of Fagerlund, and most of all a good sense of melody has brought Venia to the point, where a contact by a label is no longer a coincidence. Bombworks Records has added an interesting name that radiates strong potential into their lineup.

Rating: 4/5

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