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Yet another band from Finland. However, Venia is not a black, death nor thrash metal band, but a melodic power metal band with female vocals. I heard of Venia for the first time in 2004, when they released their first demo CD. Thus, I was naturally more excited to hear their new release in form of a five song CD released under the wings of Bombworks records. And know this, it did not disapoint me. One who thinks that Venia is a gothic band because the band is from Finland and has a female vocalist, is definately wrong. Veronica Fagerlund has a very clear voice, but can also let it rip, as she proves occasionally in individual songs. And while the music is in the melodic power metal genré, there are also times when the band steps more on the gas. Every now and then I hear similarities with the Argentinian Boanerges. By the way, guitarist Viktor and bass player Juhani also play in the dark black metal band Bleakwail.
Definitely a candidate for the Bath Hersfelder Metalfest 2006 beside Holy Blood naturally :-) Until then you can order "In Our Weakness" from Whirlwind Records.

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