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The history of Venia from Helsinki goes back to year 2002, when the groups lead guitarist Viktor started to search for members for a band. From the start the intention was to play classic melodic heavy metal, and on that same road the band is still in this day. The current lineup was assembled only last year, but despite its young age the band sounds suprisingly ready and mature.

In Our Weakness begins with a one and a half minute long intro named Kaipuu, which in all of its elflike etheralness leads the listener onto quite the wrong track for a moment. All Enya associations however quickly disappear when the first real song Illusion picks up speed. From this moment on the pedal is kept close to the metal, although there surely is room for some more serene moments along the way. After a few listens the excellent voice of vocalist Veronica grabs your attention. The lady does well both the clean singing and the more power requiring parts, even the english is nicely accent free. The lyrics are suprisingly pure Christian all the way through and they touch familiar salvation issues quite frankly.

The songwriting daringly combines Iron Maiden -like highly melodic old school elements with newer and notably harder hitting influences. Brave combinations like this are dangerous, as when it works the outcome is surely nice to hear, but when things go wrong they really do go wrong - and far. Lyckily for Venia most of the combinations work very well, even though the album lacks a real hit song. The biggest minus In Our Weakness gets from the production, which is the discs clear weak point. Especially the final track, the beautiful and multilayered No More suffers from the thin sounds and lacks in the sound world. But otherwise, here you have a really nice package of quality metal, even combined with a good message.

Rating: 4/5

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