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In my work as a writer for a music magazine, it's my duty to keep my eyes open and discover new bands worthy of a CD review. Thus I came across the Christian based heavy metal, often mocked by many metalheads or even completely rejected. However, one should consider, if you can listen to metal where bands sing about satan, there is no reason why Christian metal should be a problem. In the end, it's about the music and you should be tolerant and give also this wave of music a fair chance. To cut a long story short, in the following lines I'd like to discuss the debut EP of Veniawho by no surprise has a strong commitment to the Christian metal scene.

Venia is a still very young band from Finland, whose members are all not older than 25 and nevertheless they certainly do rock! Thus the presented sound turns out to be a melodic mix of thrash, death and heavy metal with the vocals of frontwoman Veronica Fagerlund on top. The band is keen to arrange the 4 songs, excluding intro, with as much variety as possible - and thus they use both heaviness as well as harmony. In Illusion they cheerily throw around guitar riffs while in The Path an aggressive interplay between male and female vocals is used and in the melancholic No More the listener is caressed by the sound of a violin. With Heikko there's even a song presented in finnish, which makes this track a highlight of the EP. Generally the band has a very solid sense for listenable songs, the absolutely catchy tune is missing though. The reason might be that Venia still shows certain weaknesses, which young bands often struggle with and which disappear only with increased experience. The singing of Miss Fagerlund is quite satisfying, but she does not always hit all the notes accurately and as for the voice volume, there certainly is still room for improvement. The instrument section however undeniably masters its craft, although nothing really superiour and completely enthusing is presented. And finally I have to criticize the production, as a little bit more drive and power certainly wouldn't have hurt the overall impression.

Reading my criticism, one could get the impression that In Our Weakness is a rather moderate album. But that's not the case, 'cause despite the points of criticism the EP is enjoyable, even though you should turn a blind eye here and there and the whole work never surpasses the attribute "solid". What remains is a listenable album, which leaves enough room for future improvement and that you can obtain through the Elements of Rock distro if you are interested.

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