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A new name in the finnish metal scene is an act called Venia. They
are quintet line-up and the band started to form in 2002, when Viktor, Jere and drummer Daniel (Correction: The First drummer wasn't Daniel. Daniel came in the band february 2004.) formed a nucleus of forthcoming bandmembers. The "Genesis" demo consists of 33 minutes material and 7 songs. Venia has created a sound that is unique enough and not directly comparable with any other band. Venia's music approaches are extremely melodic, but it would be a mistake to label the group as a gothic or dark. Veronica's melancholic vocals as well as hard and dark guitar riffs are in constant dialogue. In my opinion, the most convincable tunes are "Ei mun tarvitse", and "Eternal Sanctuary". Song arrangements are pretty complex, but on productional field the group must work harder. From the start, Venia showed a respectable effort and it will be interesting to see in which direction their music will go.
Rating : 7 / 10

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