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The starting point for the band Venia from Helsinki differs somewhat from the usual heavy music playing demoband's standards. The bright foreheaded Christian lyrics shake hand with the female vocals and from rather traditional heavy metal taken influences, and the music is topped with a very dim rehearsing place sound. It's no wonder that the first reaction that Venia's debute awakes is confusion.

The a few years ago through a web announcement formed band has worked with this lienup only a few months. The music style is mostly 80's style classic metal, layered quite seamless with influences from fresher Spinefarm-school starts as well as some hints of even heavier departments. The guitarwork is in all ways talented and the songwriting full of simple, but with taste created hooks. Similar combinations of straight forward riffing and Maiden-like leads is heard too little these days. The best moments are represented by the chorus of the heavyballad Taivaassa and its faster mid part that reminds of Rautaneitsyt as well as the title track's strong riffing who brings to mind the Russian legend Arian.

The weakest parts of the demo are the too simple lyrics as well as a bit of shyness on the vocal part. No matter what you think of the ideology, phrases like I don't need to fear anything anymore / 'cause I know the Lord is with me slip over on the side of pathos. The theme could be handeled using sleeker vocal pictures. Veronica Fagerlund sings well and stays on the notes, but her voice is too shy. If In Heaven, there is party neverending / the wonderfulness can't be understood by the human mind you would think that you could hear the wonderfulness also in the vocal performance that now remains too clean and with lack of emotions. The cause should be lack of experience and recording environments, because there does seem to be potential.

The demo is obviosly recorded on an amateur basis in some Church basement, and because of this the soundworld is very sloppy in all areas. For Burzum styled misantropy, buzz would fit great, but this kind of strongly on melody based material would need lightyears of more clearness. Hopefully when preparing the next production someone notices the band's potential in recruiting members to the heavenly kingdom and opens up the church's money box, so that Venia's songwriting skills can be enjoyed with the dignity it requires.

Rating: 3 / 5

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