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Venia from Helsinki who plays melodic but at times very heavy sounding metal music has released a debute demo, which carries the name Genesis. The demo contains three songs on finnish, three songs in english and one instrumental mid peice. Venia is presenting Christian base values in their songs.

For a debute release Genesis is suprisingly varying, the band has combined influences from many of the subgenrés of metal. The songs are songwriting-wise successfull, but a lot of the nice compositions drown under the rough soundworld, the volumes and sounds of the instruments vary sometimes to the point of disturbance. Most varying is the drumsound.

The best part of the demo is the feeling that combines all the songs, it has been created by closely composing the vocal and instrument melodies. The band´s vocalist Veronica can not be complained about, but she often seems a little shy to use her whole voice-arsenal. In the middle of the demo a different sounding fast tempo instrumental song Eternal Sanctuary stands out. During this the band even plays blastbeats at one point. For a first production the band won't have to be a bit ashamed of Genesis, but that doesn't mean that the band doesn't need to develope and improve on their playing in the future.

Olli Rinnekangas, 21.09.2004

Rating: 3½ / 5

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