False Security

Säv. Jere Veijalainen & Viktor Fagerström / San. Viktor Fagerström 

Trust the persons at your side
They are everything you'll ever need
When you're falling off the ride
You find they sought the same from you

You placed your trust in fragile beings
Who'll pick you up when you have fallen?
They seemed so strong, but they were weak
You feel empty and betrayed

Take the drugs to ease the pain
Get a release, forget the strains
Soon you find yourself a slave
Your freedom has become your jail

Your inner self has gone astray
Your search for love has fallen short
It will start all over again
Unless you say no

Don't build your life on false hopes and lies
It will all fall down in time
The only thing that does not betray
Our Holy Father in Heaven above

He doesn't care what you have done
He never leaves you on your own
Other things will come and go
But His love remains

(Psalms 32:10, Psalms 40:4, Isaiah 26:4, Jeremiah 17:5)

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