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Itägospel 08

Venia's concert at Itägospel 2008, Helsinki 25.04.2008.
Pictures by Riikka Palttala when not otherwise mentioned

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The first gig in one year
Jere got all emotional
"Wait a minute... who is that general?"
Time to concentrate on the playing
Come get some!
On bass... general Palttala
The band took over the stage
Veronica singing with emotion
It's raining guitar riffs
Eye contact is important
A dual lead is never out of place
Veronica started to mosh
...and so her hair caught fire
Don't lose the beat!
The roof almost lifted
Veronica's voice echoed down the hallways
Juhani preparing to headbang
Struck by a temporary blindness
The audience was alive
And so there was headbanging
The tender duet of Juhani and Veronica
After completing her vocal duties Veronica joined the audience in a dance
Viktor couldn't resist doing some vibrato
Session drummer Antti controlling the beat
Veronica proudly presenting her new violin
...and so it plays
A wall of guitars - photo by Teija Korhonen
A solo requires the right mood - photo by Teija Korhonen
The crowd bowing to the singing beauty - photo by Teija Korhonen
Screaming still requires an ugly face expression - photo by Teija Korhonen
The atmosphere was just right - photo by Teija Korhonen
Veronica on her knees - photo by Teija Korhonen
The mirror to the soul - photo by Teija Korhonen

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