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Otaniemi chapel

Venia's first concert at the Otaniemi chapel 08.09.2004.
Pictures by Jouni Riuttanen and Jeremia Metso.

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Tech student and bass player, can there be a more cruel combination
Golden hair?
And so it begun, Venia's first concert
Veronica and Viktor
Let's get the hair moving
Just lean back and enjoy the music
Veronica and Viktor
Frontline exercise
Extreme moshing
Daniel at work
Juhani was enlighted
Veronica moshing
Veronica "bowing" to the audience
Hitting the bass strings
Veronica and Juhani
A good riff comes by an ugly face expression
Jere and Juhani moshing with the front line
Veronica examining the floor boards
Grim faces
Veronica with her violin
Playing Eternal Sanctuary
Daniel guarding the pace
During Taivaassa things calmed down a bit
Juhani concentrating... even
Jere jamming
Veronica singing gracefully
A light from above
The pace was kept high
Juhani beating the bass once again
Viktor at the borders of darkness
"Scream, shout..."
Happy faces in the audience
Waiting for the fuse to be replaced...
And the encore was on
Heavy riffing
Jere and Juhani hiding behind their hair
Viktor looking grim
Mosh your head off!
What's that monster? Oh it's just our bass player
Daniel concentrating
Hair pointing towards the sky
Viktor soloing
Jere moshing on the left
Viktor moshing on the right

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