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Maanalainen juhannus

Venia's concert at Maanalainen juhannus, Keuruu 25.06.2005.
Pictures by Vesa Lehtinen when not otherwise mentioned

Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pictures.

The whole band at work
Viktor looking focused
Veronica kissing the microphone
Jere trying to look focused
Juhani and a funny hat
Veronica swordfighting with the microphone stand
Viktor and Juhani
Veronica screaming with passion
Viktor at the borders of darkness part 2
Veronica looking sad
Juhani and a cruel face expression
Juhani swinging
Jere trying to look even more focused
Jere talking between the songs
Venia bathing in the lights - photo by Matti Taina
Finally a big stage - photo by Kristian Viding
During the song Taivaassa we chilled a little - photo by Kristian Viding
Veronica lost in the smoke and lights - photo by Kristian Viding
The audience was moving as well - photo by Kristian Viding
There was even a small moshpit - photo by Kristian Viding
Viktor and Juhani moshing - photo by Toni Övermark

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