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Kerava 2006

Venia live at Kerava 17.02.2006.
Pictures by Jari Veijalainen

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Big D
Viktor starting to wake up
Jere staring at his prey
Veronica opening her voice
The Path
Jere preaches
80s here we come!
The whole band at work
80s here we REALLY come!
Eternal Sanctuary
Audience moshing
Shouting time (again)
The band plays
Danny boy
"In Our Darkness" (a picture without flash)
Veronica shares The Word
Thanks & bow
Mosh 'n go
Viktor moshing
The band
The twin guitar solo makes Veronica "fly"
Juhani's boots rule the galaxy
Where is the bass player?
Here he is, taking it easy
Glory to Him
Jere dancing
Veronica & Juhani

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