Victory by Surrender

Säv. Fagerström / San. Veijalainen & Fagerström

My life I tried to control
I tried to last, tried to hold on
I strived to be good enough for God,
tried to be wise and so strong

At last I crashed down
I wasn't good for anything
Wasn't able to do God's will,
not even able to control my life

I wasn't the strong and wise
crown of creation and earthly life
I was just a small, weak, helpless being
in the midst of the great unknown

Then I heard God's voice speak out to me:
"You've tried in your own strength,
beaten your head against the wall
Would you let me take control now?"
I asked "what do you mean?"
"Would you surrender to me
and give me the authority to control your life?"

The next day I was thinking about
what God said to me last night
He said surrender to me,
give me control of your life

I'm still not sure what He meant
Should I just stop living my life?
Should I stand still and wait
until God tells me to walk?

My spirit's willing but my mind is weak
and I don't know how it could be done
I feel small and alone
as I am falling from my own throne

I cried out to God that night:
"Lord, I can't do it, I can not please you"
"I didn't ask for your ability,
only if you were willing
If you don't understand, don't worry
I'll do the work in you, just trust in me"
And so I yelled out:
"Take everything I have,
I don't have power to please you in my own strength!"

When I surrendered God took all my burdens
Now it's not me who live but Jesus lives in me
He holds my hand and leads my steps
So whatever lies ahead,
I can go on with a peaceful mind

(Galatians 2:19-21, Romans 12:1)

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