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06.09.2015 New song on YouTube!

Venia has launched an official YouTube channel. There you can now find a new demo of a previously unreleased song Riippuvainen that will appear on our next album. There are also some videos from the band's live performances.

More videos will be added to the channel in the future. Stay tuned!

25.09.2013 Venia concert at Hard Gospel Cafe

After a year's break Venia will once again take on the stage at the "OMG goes Rock!" night at Hard Gospel Cafe in Helsinki. Performing there will also be the band Lunastamo. The night starts at 18:00 and the entrance is free. Everybody is welcome to join us!

The Facebook-page of the happening

11.08.2012 Venia concert at Helsinki Night of the Arts

Venia performs live at the Helsinki Saalem stage at the Night of the Arts event on Thursday the 23rd of August. The concert takes place at the Three Smiths Square in the heart of Helsinki. Venia is scheduled to perform at 23:40, but there are music performances throughout the whole evening starting at 17 so everyone will want to be there as early as possible. The Night of the Arts is part of the annual two week long Helsinki Festival.

02.06.2012 More pictures

To celebrate the new summer we added some summery band pictures to our website. The pictures are from last July but we have not gotten much uglier in the past year so they still drive their point. The added pictures can be found in the gallery and band member presentations.

Venia hopes everyone has a good and refreshing summer!

29.06.2011 Presenting Venia 2011

We finally got some pictures of Venia's new lineup and they can be viewed in the gallery. There is also a brand new live video from the current lineup's debut gig available here. Pictures from the gig will be added to the gallery soon.

10.04.2011 New bass player found

Venia's lineup is complete again! The name of our new bass player is Markus Lundmark. A more detailed presentation of him will be published in a while.

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