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Words and music by Fagerström

I look at the world and wonder why it all exists
The complex of nature in all its perfection
and all of its grace

Was all of this made by just an explosion?
The human being with all its love and emotions
Is all the creation one big mistake?
A result of madness or of unknown fate?

The power to love, hate and to bring destruction
The mystery of growth, birth and of reproduction
When did it start? When will it be done?
Does all have a meaning and will I ever know?

I cry out to the emptiness
Reaching for my inner self
Looking for a glimpse of truth
All is silent, can't somebody help me?
I need to find peace of mind
Why should I only live and die
as just another worthless child?
I can't get rid of the thought in my mind
that says "why?"

Everyone's pushing their ready solution
Whether it's Buddha or just evolution
I can worship the living, I can worship the dead
But where will it lead me when I reach the end?

The world has no answers to all of my questions
Only cheap lies and pathetic suggestions
I have made a decision, I will trust no one else
and find the solution all by myself

I cry out to the emptiness...

Suddenly I felt a warmth in my heart
Someone has touched me and answered my call

I reach out to God above
Who showed me unconditional love
He is the creator of all
He heard my prayers and answered my call
I lift up Your name on high
For Your creation You have died
I now know who You made me to be
My heart is content, I have finally found my home

(Luke 11:9, Deuteronomy 4:29, Colossians 1:16, Isaiah 45:18)

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