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The Blood of the Lamb

Words by Puolimatka / Music by Veijalainen

My heart is black within
Stained by the filth of my sin
Rotten is my mind
Sin makes me blind

The blood of Jesus spilled on the ground
In this blood our salvation is found
Cry out to the Lord, pray to Him
Trust in God amidst your suffering

Again I cry in the night
Again and again I've tried
to get rid of my sin
But it stays, like slime it clings

Only in the blood of the Lamb am I free
It gives me strength, it justifies me
The Lamb is my Lord, my righteousness
Faith in Him I now confess

I can not save myself
Nor can my works or my wealth
He who died on the cross for me,
only He can set me free

If we are not in our Lord Jesus,
then God's wrath shall consume us
So let us repent and turn to the Light
For the day of judgement is nigh

(1 John 1:7, Matthew 26:26-28, Revelations 7:9-17)

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