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Victory by Surrender

Victory by Surrender

1. Towards a New Dawn (instrumental)
2. Liberty (lyrics) (clip)
3. Suora tie (lyrics) (clip)
4. Broken Chains (lyrics) (clip)
5. Ei mun tarvitse (lyrics) (clip)
6. Genesis (lyrics)
7. Taivaassa (lyrics) (mp3)
8. Eternal Sanctuary (lyrics) (clip)
9. Victory by Surrender (lyrics) (mp3)
10. The Blood of the Lamb (lyrics) (mp3)
11. A Sigh of Redemption (lyrics) (clip)

total running time 52:35

Produced by Viktor Fagerström.
Co-produced by Jere Veijalainen and Thomas Mattsson.
Recorded in Finland at various studios during 2007.
Mixed by Thomas Mattsson at Studio Mattsson during 2008.
Mastered by Thomas Mattsson at Studio Bändipaja in February 2009.
Artwork by Riikka Palttala © 2008 (www.tulikuvio.com)

Victory by Surrender was released worldwide 14.04.2009 by Open Grave Records / NePlusUltra Music.


You can now order Victory by Surrender HERE (16€ / CD).

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