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Venia is:
Veronica - vocals, violin
Viktor - lead guitar, backing vocals
Jere - guitar, backing vocals
Markus - bass, backing vocals
Antti - drums

Venia is a melodic metal band from Finland that takes influences from a wide range of metal genres such as power, thrash, prog and heavy metal. The music is also spiced up with some occasional violin.

Venia got its start in 2002 when guitarists Viktor and Jere started jamming together and seeking more band members. The lineup was finally completed in the spring of 2004 with vocalist/violinist Veronica, drummer Daniel and bassist Juhani. The summer was spent recording a first demo titled "Genesis", which was released at Venia's first concert that fall and sold out a year later.

In 2005 Venia recorded their first official studio album, a MCD titled "In Our Weakness" that was released via Bombworks Records. It was a step towards a heavier, more aggressive sound and included more thrash metal influences as well as some extreme vocals. By the end of 2006 Daniel decided to leave Venia, but the band nevertheless started recording their first full length album with Daniel agreeing to record the drums as his final band duty.

In 2009 Venia together with Open Grave Records / NePlusUltra Music released "Victory by Surrender" - a strong debut album that combined the best elements of the "Genesis" demo and "In Our Weakness" MCD while featuring more hooks, melody, violin and more diverse riffing. The same year Antti, who had earlier played a gig with the band as a session drummer, joined Venia.

In the fall of 2010 Venia participated in the Deliverance tribute album "Temporary Insanity - A Salute to Deliverance" with a cover version of the song Desperate Cries. This turned out to be a succesful choice and even Deliverance's front man Jimmy P. Brown II really enjoyed Venia's version.

The most recent lineup change happened in the spring of 2011 when Juhani left the band and Markus became the new bass player.

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