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14.03.2005 New version of False Security

We re-recorded and re-mixed our song False Security. Veronica's vocals have improved a lot since the demo recordings and we want to show what the song sounds like now. We have also done some minor changes to the song. You can listen to a sample of the new version at our Media page.

The song will be released on the Seal the Abyss volume 2 and Christian Metal Realm volume II compilation albums during this year.

15.02.2005 New interview and reviews

In the beginning of the year a new interview was published at radikaali.net. We added the link to the Media page. There are also some new demo reviews.

04.12.2004 Venia in 2005

Venia is at the moment booking shows for the coming year. We have also started practicing some new songs and you might hear them live at the concerts in 2005. At the moment you can read the lyrics at the Media page.

10.11.2004 Pictures and a report from the second concert

At the Gallery page you can now see pictures from Venia's concert at Café Seed. Comments about the gig are found at the Live page. You can also read some new lyrics on the Media page.

09.10.2004 Promo pictures added

The pictures from Venia's promo shoot are now found on the gallery page. We also added some funnier pictures...

04.10.2004 Second Venia concert coming

Venia will be seen on stage again on saturday 30.10 at Café Seed in Helsinki. The address is Annankatu 7 and the doors open at 20:00. Everybody are welcome, the entrance is free!

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