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06.07.2005 Moods from Maanalainen juhannus

Thanks to the organizers, workgroup, great audience and the Lord for a great festival. If you weren't able to get there yourself or just want to remember the happening now afterwards, go look at the new pictures in our Gallery and read the report on our Live page.

A new upcoming gig in Heinola has been added also.

16.06.2005 New samples up

Venia's new mini-CD is finally mixed and you can get a taste of it at our Media page. We don't know the exact release date yet, but we will announce it here as soon as it is confirmed. We will also start taking pre-orders when we have the release date. Stay tuned!

Today was also confirmed that we Venia will play at Metal Fest of the Creator of Night in Joensuu this July. The entrance is free, so we count on you to be there!

25.05.2005 Studio update

The recording phase of the new album is now over and we will continue with the mixing and mastering in June. The studio trip was nice in all ways and we are very happy with the result already. The studio was of high quality and the staff both professional and nice and we feel that we were able to get the best out of our songs there. Thanks to God for everything.

11.05.2005 Picture and report from Hard Gospel Cafe

Pictures from Venia's fourth show is now up at the Gallery and the report has been added to the Live page.

21.04.2005 New live pictures and report

Pictures from the God's Gas show have been added to the Gallery. Also be sure to read the live report at the Live page.

04.04.2005 Venia into studio

In the end of May, Venia will enter a studio to record a four song mini-CD. The new material will be somewhat heavier and more diverse.

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