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23.02.2007 Recording update and new interview

The drums for the new album were successfully recorded in January. We are now getting ready to start tracking the guitars and bass in March.

This month we were interviewed by the italian webzine White Metal. You can find the interview both in italian and english on our media page.

We still haven't found a new drummer, but we have a few candidates. No decisions have been made yet.

10.12.2006 Updated the gallery

Photos from our Maata Näkyvissä concert have been added to the gallery. We want to thank the great audience.

30.09.2006 Venia looking for a new drummer

Daniel Puolimatka has decided to leave the band after the Maata Näkyvissä gig in November. The departure is because of personal reasons and there is no argument involved. We thank Daniel for his commitment to the band so far. It has been a pleasure working together with him and his efforts were a big part of the band's development. We wish him all the best and God's blessings. Now we are looking for a new drummer to take Daniel's place after November.

As his final task Daniel will record the drums for our upcoming full-length album early in January. The rest of the recordings will take place later in the spring and the new album is scheduled for a 2007 release.

28.06.2006 Ice Scream compilation albums for sale

You can now buy the new finnish metal compilation from us. The CDs cost 15€ + postage. We recommend the CD even if you already own In Our Weakness, as it's full of quality music from Finland.

05.06.2006 Venia featured on compilation albums

The Venia song Illusion will be featured on two new compilation albums this summer. Ice Scream will be released by Maanalainen Levykauppa the 23rd of June and The Narrow Path will be released by Christian Metal Realm later this summer. We will be selling the Ice Scream compilation for 15€ / CD +postage.

18.02.2006 New t-shirts

In Our Weakness t-shirts are now here. The shirts cost 18€ and can be ordered through our new Merchandise page.

Unfortunately we're out of lady-fit shirts size M and L already.

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