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07.08.2009 New drummer and forum!

It is with great pleasure that we present the new drummer of Venia, Antti Melasniemi. Antti is a very strong addition to the band and has despite his young age been playing drums for many years, among other things in an Iron Maiden cover band. He is no stranger to Venia either as he is a long-time fan and already played one gig together with us at Itägospel in 2008. Now that our lineup is once again complete it means that we will be able to perform live more often in support of our new album "Victory by Surrender". Check back later for the first confirmed dates.

In other news, we lost our forum last month when Firestream, the website that hosted the forum, was attacked. Firestream will sadly not be returning (R.I.P.), but we have a new forum up at BlabberBoard. We hope to see you there!

28.04.2009 Victory by Surrender out / New interview

Venia's debut full length album is now officially released and can be ordered through our Merchandise page. All pre-ordered albums have been sent and should arrive within a couple of days.

There is also a new interview at the Media page. The Polish webzine Basilica Igni interviewed Jere, Viktor and Veronica.

27.02.2009 New samples and album pre-ordering

The new album is now mastered and we have updated both previous samples with the final mastering as well as released one new full song sample. We have also posted some short clips of the other songs. The new samples can now be heard here at our website, at MySpace, mikseri.net and Last.fm.

Victory by Surrender is now available for pre-ordering. You can order the album at our Merchandise page for 16 € + postage. If you order the new album together with our older CD's you will receive a package discount. Note that all orders that contain Victory by Surrender will not be sent out before the Finnish release date, April 24th.

17.02.2009 Album release party

The spring is coming fast and Venia will once again be seen on stage at Itägospel together with a session drummer. This will be the release party for Victory by Surrender. Thus, we invite you to come and celebrate our new album together with us on April 24th. The place is once again Hard Gospel Cafe in Vuosaari. You can get a small taste of the live atmosphere by looking at the pictures from our last years Itägospel gig that we just added to our gallery.

28.01.2009 The new Venia album is finally coming

We have the pleasure to announce that Open Grave Records / NePlusUltra Music will be releasing the first full length Venia album worldwide on April 14th. The recording and mixing process has for several reasons been much longer than expected, but the final part - the mastering - will happen during the following week and our long wait will soon be rewarded.

The album is titled "Victory by Surrender", contains 11 songs and is the band's so far most melodic, diverse and mature offering. There has been no compromise in regards of heaviness or integrity either, so this is a musical experience you don't want to miss. The title track (still with a temporary mastering) can now be heard at our MySpace page. We have also updated the mix of the previous sample song, The Blood of the Lamb. Preordering information and more music samples will be available on our website at a later point. Stay tuned!

To celebrate the coming release and to make space for the new CDs in our storage, we lowered the price of the In Our Weakness t-shirt to 16 euros and offer the following package deals:

In Our Weakness CD + Ice Scream CD = 12€
In Our Weakness CD + t-shirt = 20€
In Our Weakness CD + Ice Scream CD + t-shirt = 25€

Quickly head over to the renewed Merchandise page, because stock is limited!

21.05.2008 Studio update

As you might have noticed, our new album is still not ready. There has been delays in the mixing process for different reasons, but progress has been made throughout the spring and we are very pleased with the results so far. We just got the first song ready and you can listen to it at our MySpace page as a small preview of the upcoming album. The song is still unmastered. Unfortunately we can not give you a release date yet, since our working pace is still quite calm. We thank you for your patience and believe that the album is worth the wait.

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