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22.02.2011 Another lineup change

There is a time for everything in life and now the time has come for our bass player Juhani to take a step in a different direction. He is leaving the position as bass player for Venia, because his motivation for bass playing has notably diminished and he wants to prioritize other things in his life. There is no disagreement involved and we are still good friends with Juhani. We thank him for his important contribution to the band and wish him a blessed future. Juhani is currently an active blogger and lot's of interesting thoughts on different topics can be found at his blog (in Finnish only).

So, Venia is now searching for a new bass player.

07.11.2010 Deliverance tribute album now available

The tribute album Temporary Insanity that was made in honor of Deliverance's 25th anniversary has been released and is also available through us. It is a double CD, so you get plenty of material for the money. The album costs 16 euros and you can order it through our Merchandise page. Deliverance's mastermind Jimmy P. Brown II has reviewed the album's first CD and appears to have really liked it. He also seemed very flattered by Venia's Desperate Cries cover and that really means a lot to us.

The song started, and I was familiar with this one! But the style that VENIA did Deperate Cries in gave me chills!!! I was SOOOOO blown away at the incredible performance! They took what I considered my most progressive song and took in 100 steps higher!!! Again, like with WfH, the vocals blew me away!!! I was floored!!! This was another track I listened to 2-3 times in a row!!! I have always been a HUGE fan of female singers with unique and sweet styles! In pop music, Sarah McLachlin is a fav and in metal, Maria Brink from In This Moment. But the singer in VENIA is now among them as well as the vocalist from Whispers From Heaven... Anyway, this track just sends the chills! Musically, vocal performance, EVERYTHING!!! Thank you VENIA!!! And, if ever you want to work on a track together, I would love the opportunity!!!

Jimmy's complete review can be found at the front page of the Christian Metal Realm when you scroll down a bit.

20.09.2010 "Temporary Insanity" delayed slightly

Due to licensing issues the release of the Deliverance tribute album has been delayed to the 28th of September. Everybody should however get theirs within October. In a related news, Deliverance will be making their first ever European appearance at Nordic Fest in Oslo, Norway the 30th of October. Some of us will be present at this very special event and we hope to see you there!

20.07.2010 The release of the Deliverance tribute album is near

"Temporary Insanity – A Salute to Deliverance" featuring Venia's cover of "Desperate Cries" will be released the 1st of September. Visitors at the Up From the Ashes III festival in California will be able to purchase it at the festival during August 28-29th. Here in Finland the easiest way to obtain the album is through our Merchandise page where it now can be pre-ordered at the price of 16€ + postage. Because the CDs are coming from overseas, we will get the album a few weeks after the set release date, but all who pre-order should get their copy within September.

The tribute album is a two-CD release containing 30 songs and contributions from many well-known artists such as Roy Z (Rob Rock, Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Tribe of Gypsies), Glenn Rogers (Hirax, Vengeance Rising, Deliverance, Once Dead), Greg Minier (The Crucified, Applehead, Sweet Mary), Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, The Blamed, Fasedown, Once Dead), Michael Phillips (Deliverance, Fasedown), Josh Kramer (Saint), Ron Rinehart (Dark Angel, Oil), Blake Nelson (Darkness Falls, Oil) and Scott Walters (Ultimatum, Once Dead) through various lineups. The album also contains the songs "Flesh & Blood" and "In U" specially re-recorded by Deliverance for this release as well as a previously unreleased cover of Vector's "The Hunger and the Thirst". More information about the tribute album can be found here.

01.12.2009 Venia back to the studio / Christmas special

Venia heads back to the studio in the beginning of December to record a Deliverance cover for a tribute album that will be released in celebration of the band's 25th anniversary in 2010. The album will be released by Roxx Productions in conjunction with the Christian Metal Realm and features bands such as Grave Robber, Oil, Eternal Decision, Grave Forsaken and Faith Factor, members from the bands Saint, The Crucified, Ultimatum and Deliverance as well as a few still unannounced surprises.

In honor of Christmas, during all of December merchandise orders worth over 10€ will receive a 2€ discount and orders worth over 20€ will receive a 4€ discount. Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010!

05.11.2009 Venia wants to put all our fans on an equal footing

We have lowered the cost of our foreign shipping prices so that anyone can order a CD or two for just 2€ postage no matter where in the world you are located. The postage price outside Europe is now 2 - 4€ depending on your choice of shipping method and for all orders within Europe it's a constant 2€. These new prices are effective immediately.

Head to the Merchandise page for more details.

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