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Pete(www.fearscape.com), 06:34 12.09-04
Great music, I like your mp3's... Keep on praising God, and honoring him. Bless you guys!
adchyrch, 20:40 05.09-04
I checked out the lyrics to Taivassa and its sounds awesome without the translation but now I know what the song is about
adchyrch, 19:15 05.09-04
I know Viktor from the Deliverance board/Duality Lounge, I remember him posting some solid tracks a long while back so naturally when he mentioned this band I had to check it out, I loved both songs, You guys have a killer solid sound. I look very forward to future releases from you guys. God Bless!
Jere: Thank you for your support. It's very encouraging to know that you like our sound. I hope you like the lyrics as well. Check translation of Taivaassa if you haven't done it yet. God bless you too!
avdb11, 23:40 03.09-04
What a cool website is this. wish you good luck with the band.
kmorg(www.metalprovider.com/metalmetropolis), 00:11 03.09-04
Greeting from Norway to Finland. Looking forward to hear some Venia music. Keep rocking for the Rock!
Viktor: Thanks, the wait for the music shouldn't be very long now
victory(www.victoryzine.com), 17:51 28.08-04
Cool brother, I'm proud to see my crewmembers releasing quality metal. Perhaps we can do a tour together(Parakletos+Venia)?? ;)
Viktor: count us in! ;)
Metallinostheos, 16:26 25.08-04
Hey, this is a great site. I know Victor from the Christian Metal Realm and have enjoyed the clips of the songs that I have heard so far. I am really enjoying Veronica's vocals. I think that more metal bands need female vocalists. I want to encourage you and let you know that I am really looking forward to the release of you demo.
Viktor: Thanks for your support :)
markus samuel, 13:35 25.08-04
enpäs. protestoin sitä vastaan että vieraskirjoja on kaksi :) muuten ymmärrän että on sivut kahdella kielellä mutta vieraskirjat voisivat olla yhdet ja samat..no, makuasioita..
Jere: Talossa talon tavalla. Toivomme, että kunnioitat tämän "talon" tapaa. Meistä on selkeämpää, että suomea on yhdessä paikassa ja englantia toisessa. Eli jatkossa suomenkieliset viestit siihen toiseen vieraskirjaan, kiitos.
Collin Anderson, 13:38 25.08-04
Cool site! I can't wait for the demo!
Jere: Thank you. So can't we. ;)
Markus Samuel(www.megiddon.cjb.net), 13:45 24.08-04
On hienot sivut! vielä mp3:set ja bändikuvat kehiin niin kaikki on kohdallaan!
Viktor: samaa mieltä, vaan voisit ens kerralla kirjoittaa suomenkieliseen vieraskirjaan ;)
Chris(p076.ezboard.com/bchristianhardmusic), 04:14 24.08-04
The new site looks terrific. I am looking forward to hearing Venia when the demo is finished. Maybe I can review it at Christian Hard Music!
Viktor: Thank you Chris :)
Viktor(www.veniaband.com/), 01:16 24.08-04
English guestbook open. Welcome to add your comments.
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