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GROSS(www.venia.mysteria.cz), 16:54 05.06-05
to Viktor - thank you for comentary in our guest book - we are very glad that you like our music. And I promise, that I will control my pitch (sometimes it is the problem, but ... I try it) We wish you many fans and concerts and of course - many ideas for making as good songs as you have now GROSS (Venia - CZECH)
Emil, 14:02 02.06-05
Hello Viktor, I'm looking forward to hear the new Venia material. Good luck with everything!
Viktor: Thanks! So are we, actually ;)
New(xometal.net/), 23:35 10.05-05
Hi, Venia.Your music is very cool !Good Luck:-)
P.Helenius(www.pirunpaja.com), 00:26 25.03-05
Hellou Terveiset Pirun pajalta!
ville(www.heartcry.listen.to), 09:59 02.03-05
hi...sweden&finland..oh yeah! Venia&Heartcry..oh yeah!
Adchyrch(www.music-haven.com), 00:02 21.02-05
Just wanted to let the band know I reviewed the CD and the review can be found on my website along with some of the boards that Viktor visits Keep up the Good Music
Jere: Thank you for your review. It was nice to read it. God bless you!
Alejandro Esteweson, 16:30 20.02-05
Hey guys, i'm from brazil, your music are really very good, i wish God keep blessing you!! Stay heavy
Sidney Alves, 06:33 21.12-04
Hail to all of the Venia, He would like to congratulate them for the great work, you healthy very good. Since I not made the dowload of your music for of hearing. The music of the Leave makes to remember of the past, of the breeze of the field in a cold afternoon of here of my area. Thank you very much for your music. God Bless goes All!
Alan de Oliveira Silva, 09:28 18.12-04
hi this band is very good, also verinoca is beatful
Tomas(www.venia.mysteria.cz), 02:36 15.12-04
Hey guys! I cannt believe my eyes when I see your bands homepage. I am a member of melodic rock metal group from Czech republic... and our bands name is: VENIA! I read the history of your band and it seems alike ours. Our original band also almost quit after some members were lost, but then three new budies showed up and we created a new band in the beginning of this year. Our first shows came up during this summer. We have already had some 9 shows or so. More are comming, hopefully. I downloaded some of your songs and I thing those were pretty good! Our band is going to record a demo CD during second weekend in January 2005 - which is pretty soon! It would be awesome to exchange some CDs, just for the fun of it, and also for some inspiration. Too bad our webpage is not as nice as yours, ours is very simple and unfortunatelly not in english yet... I wish to all of you the best luck! Have fun with the music! hope to hear from you soon! Tomas Jukl guitar player, Venia band (Czech republic)
Viktor: Hmm... this is quite a coincidence! I added you to our link list. Good luck with your demo recording, I hope it goes smoother for you than it did for us. Let us know when it's ready.
Lord sorrow(WWW.HODAH.CJB.NET), 17:13 07.11-04
kmorg(www.metalprovider.com/metalmetropolis), 03:22 29.10-04
Great meeting you at Nordic Fest, Viktor! The demo had some great music on it! I hope the next time the quality of the recording will be just as good. Keep it up, you ROCK!
Viktor: Great meeting you too! If all goes well, the quality of the music should be just as good if not better, while the quality of the recording should be much better next time ;)
skullbeams(www.garageband.com/artist/EmeraldCoast), 01:42 12.10-04
Love the contrast between the heavy riffs and the subtle understated female vocals - very cool Huzzzahhhhhhh!!!!
tony(www.rockstar.org.uk), 00:29 24.09-04
birmingham u.k says hi to you all!! check out our site and leave us message ,go to rockstar the band and check out our music. peace Tony
Pastor Brad(www.guitarjams.net), 06:18 18.09-04
Really great site! I found the link on the Christian Metal Realm Forum. Keep rocking for the ROCK! 80's metal blessings! Pastor Brad

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