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Birdfaraway, 11:14 03.03-06
Captivating vocals! I love "the path". You ROCKeth :D 1 Thess. 4:17
Polyp ov Pazuzu(www.soundclick.com/therectumsatans), 04:48 31.01-06
Hails to Finland! Spread the brown gospel!
daniele, 21:41 05.01-06
hi guys, i'm from italy. i love listen to you: the music and veronica's voice are wonderful..and the words are perfect. i will pray for you and your work. i think that the finnish language is very melodious..can i demand you one thing?? what's the finnish for Psalm 27:1 ? i'm curious!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! sorry for the mistakes.. :-)
Jere: Thank you for your prayers and nice words. It's very encouraging to know that someone is praying for you. Psalm 27:1 in Finnish: "Daavidin virsi. Herra on minun valkeuteni ja autuuteni: ketä minä pelkään! Herra on minun elämäni turva: ketä minä vapisen!"

God bless you too!
Jerry(www.myspace.com/insonedeath), 01:49 05.12-05
Hey guys i´m from Brazil e i heard your songs, it´s very good, so, God bless you all. I have a band too, she called INSONE you can hear it in www.myspace.com/insonedeath my msn is insone_1@hotmail.com ok contact us. So see ya Sorry my english Jerry
Antonio Victor(www.fotolog.net/naumsey), 06:06 04.12-05
Congratulations, I was surprised with the vocal of Veronica, very good, God blesses you. I would Like a lot to know Finland, who knows one day As I am of Brazil I will translate the message below for you..hehe Flávio Miranda, 16:35 06/11-05 Wonderful the sound of the band Venia, because here in Brazil we have great names of the Christian metal, like Seven Angels, God Blesses all on behalf of Jesus Cristo.
Flávio Miranda, 16:35 06.11-05
Maravilhoso o som da banda Venia, pois aqui no Brasil temos grandes nomes do metal Cristão,como o Seven Angels, Deus Abençoe a todos em nome de Jesus Cristo.
Jere: If you want us to understand your message please write in English. Thank you and God bless!
Rod Martinez, 03:34 21.09-05
Hello. It amazes me that you are all around my age and you play so darn good! I always thought that good muscicians are like 40 years old and have been playing for 30, but you proved me wrong. I am a member of a new progressive/power/melodic metal band here, in Mexico, and I tell you.. I want to reach what you have reached already, and beyond. God bless you all.
Ulli(www.christiandisco.de), 06:24 03.09-05
Very good music. When will You have a gig in Germany?
Viktor: Good question! Probably when someone arranges a concert and asks us to perform there.
Emil(IE), 13:57 16.08-05
Nice to meet you too Veronica, and good luck with the album and everything!
Jeremy Keller, 05:58 09.08-05
I love the vocals, it blends perfectly with the sound of classic metal, you guys are awsome!
Viktor: Thank you, we are very glad to hear that you like our music.
Karim(www.sevenangels.com.br), 17:45 30.07-05
Hi Guys !! I´m unsuccessfully trying to send you an e-mail ! Please let me know if you have another adress besides the (@veniaband.com) . I´m not reaching you trough this adress ! Please let me know ok ? Tks
John, 21:09 22.07-05
just wanted to say that uoyr musice kicks some serious hiney!! keep up the good work and stay true to Christ. john
Richard, 02:17 15.07-05
Hello I am Richard its musica likes much, it is of much blessing it wanted to know Veronica, my mail is aventurero_28@hotmail.com. That God blesses them.
Cia, 20:50 12.07-05
Hej Veronica! Liite häftit! Lyckade blider måst ja säga! Borde man be om autograf NU innan du blir för upptagen å känd? :)
Veronica: heh... tänks! bäst att du beställer en nu, jo, innan ja får kramp i handen å int kan skriva mer. ;)
Richard Becerra Suarez, 02:40 09.07-05
hola soy richard y quiero decirles que me encanta su musica y la letra tiene mucho significado acerca de Dios, yo soy cristiano miembro de la iglesia evangelica mundial Dios es Amor y quiero pedirles si es posible el amil de veronica para poder conocerla. Espero con ansias su respuesta que Dios los bendiga chau
Viktor: Sorry, we don't understand spanish

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