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Fábio(www.krystalmeyers.com.br), 15:49 28.09-07
Hey, I'm From Brazil and I just love your music, Herralle Kiitos for bands like Venia and HB that praise the lord with your music! God bless You so much!
Angelo, 20:55 06.09-07
I was looking for good christian metal, looking around... All I found at the beggining was Death, Black... Is not that I don't like it but I wanted something more. Then I find Venia! The quest is over! Great job guys! Veronica's voice is really a gift from God! The band sounds great. As soon as I start my own I'll try to send you our stuff so you can tell me what you think... GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP GOING!!! WE NEED BANDS LIKE YOU!!!
Alexis, 00:30 25.08-07
Hi venia, I want to thank you guys for making such great music with a great messege. I'm praying for the band!...Keep it metal!
Michael(Nil), 21:05 22.07-07
Hello Venia. Hey just got to know of your band liked your song on You Tube The Blood of the lamb, liked it very much, here in India i have a resource ministry that is resourcing the church with books and music although hardly any christian metal available here, but great to know about your band, carry on the good work and God will Bless you, may Heaven's Favour rest on you.
Viktor: Thank you for the kind words. God bless you and your ministry too.
Stéfan R. Simon, 17:47 02.06-07
Hello there Venia members! I met your songs about one week ago, when a friend showed me your music. The vocals are excellent, like all the other instruments. The lyrics are deep and I like them very much! May God bless you all people, and keep rocking!
Jere: Thank you. Be blessed wherever you go! We'll keep rocking until God tells us to do something else.
Katharina(www.metalminder.de), 17:10 29.04-07
HEY FANS! CHECK OUT: www.metalminder.de STAY HEAVY
daniele(www.whitemetal.it), 22:39 15.02-07
Terve!Pidän teidän musiikki! :-D I have a finnish dictionary, but I don't know if that sentence is right! I try! ..GOD BLESS YOU ALL!..
Jere: Thank you. Your sentence was almost right. The right way to say it is: "Terve! Pidän teidän musiikistanne!" I know that our language is difficult so it was nice that you tried. :) God bless you too!
Jonny(www.myspace.com/Stormcatcher7), 12:45 05.02-07
Hey girls & boys! awesome your music listen! love it! have you a myspace site? I would me glad about more from our music in future! sorry for my badly english. stay in Jesus greetings from germany
Viktor: Yes our myspace address is www.myspace.com/veniaband
. We are currently working on a new album that hopefully will be out this year. Thanks for your interest.
Simon(np-host.net), 15:43 20.12-06
Hi,your music are really very good!!!
venia, 15:18 06.12-06
your band name is my first name..
Jere: You have a good name. :)
Mozart(www.holyblood.org.ua), 18:18 24.11-06
Hi guys! It was pleasant to play with you in Turku! I hope yet of time we shall meet ;) God bless you!
Viktor: Thank you, it was nice to meet you too. Perhaps one day we can come to Ukraine and play.
João Kicot(blazingharp.palcomp3.com.br), 06:38 12.11-06
Nice band! Congratulations... Hey listen our songs by Blazing Harp (power metal). www.blazingharp.palcomp3.com.br Bye God Bless
Angelica(www.dirsys.info/tinkerbell-tattoos/), 18:41 18.04-06
very nice site and guestbooks but please give more regular updating
Viktor: We update the site whenever we have something to report/add.
Jari(www.rajattomuus.net), 10:22 03.04-06
Tuli teidän biisi Trirock Radiolta. Yeah. .)
THOR(www.myrevelations.de), 14:57 16.03-06
heyhey! Cd Review online

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