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Stefania, 10:36 25.12-10
MeRrY ChRiStMaS & HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!!GoD BlEsS YoU!fROM Sicily-Italy
Michael Menezes(nil), 23:31 17.11-10
Hello This is Michael from India and was very blessed hearing your music and your mission to glorify God and reach the lost, keep the faith, press on and May the Lord keep blessing you, as in Nehemiah, the God of Heaven is with you and will give you success in whatever you do, keep going for it, God is with you.
Mindy Mayhew, 17:49 20.08-10
Hay. i love the vocals in your tracs and the mis or violin and guitar are so awesome. I love the fact you guys are doing christian music. You playing any gigs and where?
Stefania, 12:00 17.07-10
happy summer 2010!!kiss from Sicily-Italy
Stefania, 14:46 30.04-10
Venia band good May 1 in advance and to the fans. God bless you. kiss from sicily !!!!!!!!
Stefania, 14:04 03.04-10
Easter is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave us life in exchange for his love, we are his children we must commit ourselves to love you forever for a better future. happy easter 2010
Ethan, 04:08 13.02-10
just thought you might want to know that another christianb and from Minnesota stole your name and put it in all caps to be "original".
Stefania, 21:00 31.12-09
happy new year 2010 kiss from Sicily-Italy GOD BLESS YOU stay christian metal
Stefania, 12:00 11.12-09
I want to wish you and all the family a joyous Christmas, a Christmas true, the banner of hope to meet Jesus, and with him the joy of live, the taste of essentials, the taste of simple things, the fountain peace, richness of the dialogue, the wonder of true freedom, the tenderness of prayer … Kiss from Italy-Sicily Stay christian metal
Shan, 02:54 06.08-09
Hello Finnish Metal Missionarys! God bless you for your awesome work! Love The lastest release!!! Great tones! If you want to come and Mission in NewZealand you are always very welcome! We will Host you! Keep produceing such great melodic metal! Very encourageing for our lost and save brothers. Hugz! Shan
Stefania, 10:03 11.04-09
Easter is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave us life in exchange for his love, we are his children we must commit ourselves to love you forever for a better future. happy easter
Nightwind(www.rg-nightwind.boom.ru), 03:29 17.01-09
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Roger(www.myspace.com/soloponypromotion), 14:33 22.10-08
Just happened on one of your videos on youtube...never heard of you before but I loved the sound. You rock and for the right reasons too. Check out my page and also I have links to some pages of mine with some Christian concert photos I have done too...hope you can come to the USA sometime and would love to have your album sometime too...God Bless
Niha(www.myspace.com/destroymap), 06:41 08.10-08
Hi guys! Your message of you and other bands same with yous, has attracted me the sacred name of God. thanks for guiding people like me , was a lost and confused with your faith!
stefania, 16:21 04.07-08
hello I am your Italian fans, your music is very beautiful because you sing to the Lord! "Christian metal forever" God bless you forever in your way.

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