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Basslicker, 10:24 19.11-17
You guys rock! where can I buy mp3? God Bless
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marvin, 23:09 17.11-15
hey guys we listen you here in el salvador i love your music, lirycs and i love those screams i like your music
Martin Jones, 23:10 08.09-15
Hi, this is Martin from USA. I love your album "In Our Weakness" which I got off CDBaby.com. How come you don't have your other albums on CDBaby?
Viktor: It's our old label that has put IOW on CDBaby, but thank you for the idea. We'll see if we can get more of our music on there at some point. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!
Mari, 03:28 02.12-14
Hi. It's good to know there are musicians who share God's message. Your music is beautiful and the lyrics are powerful. Veronica, your voice is unique!God bless you all. Greetings from Mexico. (I'm waiting for your new album).
Tony, 02:11 18.07-14
Thank you for an amazing album in Victory By Surrender. Amazing vocals. Amazing musicians. The guitar is fantastic. What equipment was used to produce such clear and precise tones?
Corey Crossman, 22:44 17.11-12
Hey just found you guys loving the music a great female fronted band that is also Christian that is hard to find and sweet keep it up :)
Edison, 06:36 12.06-12
Hello Venia Band, your music is awesome... God bless you brothers... Keep in The Way, The Truth and The Life ... Jesus...
Rev. G. John Demartinis Sr.(Rev. John on facebook), 20:16 11.06-12
I love the sound of your band, very good Christian Metal Music, Jesus Be Praised ! Lord Jesus Bless you all my Brothers and Sisters. Rev. G. John DeMartinis Sr.
R. van der Veer, 22:09 02.04-12
greetings from USA! you guys are amazing, i am inspired by your music and your message. god bless!
Jordan, 05:10 15.02-12
Greetings to you, Venia! My name is Jordan and am from New Zealand. I love your music! It has been a continual blessing to me; not only in strengthening my faith in our Saviour, but also in learning your native tongue (I especially love Suora Tie, which contains my favourite verse). I look forward to hearing you live in the future! May our Redeemer and Lord continue to bless you in your lives and in the writing of your music.
Dave, 18:25 04.06-11
Hey Veia... Your Metal is Realy cool. But I've got a Question. Is Jesus the Main Thing in your Music ??? - God Bless you all....
Jere: Let's say this way: Jesus is our Lord and that fact is reflected also in our music. Thank you for your kind words!
Yuriy, 13:17 27.03-11
I love your metal. Keep up with Jesus, and God bless!
Eduardo, 01:06 10.01-11
Great music! God bless you. (from Bogota, Colombia)

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