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Stéfan R. Simon, 17:47 02.06-07
Hello there Venia members! I met your songs about one week ago, when a friend showed me your music. The vocals are excellent, like all the other instruments. The lyrics are deep and I like them very much! May God bless you all people, and keep rocking!
Jere: Thank you. Be blessed wherever you go! We'll keep rocking until God tells us to do something else.
Katharina(www.metalminder.de), 17:10 29.04-07
HEY FANS! CHECK OUT: www.metalminder.de STAY HEAVY
daniele(www.whitemetal.it), 22:39 15.02-07
Terve!Pidän teidän musiikki! :-D I have a finnish dictionary, but I don't know if that sentence is right! I try! ..GOD BLESS YOU ALL!..
Jere: Thank you. Your sentence was almost right. The right way to say it is: "Terve! Pidän teidän musiikistanne!" I know that our language is difficult so it was nice that you tried. :) God bless you too!
Jonny(www.myspace.com/Stormcatcher7), 12:45 05.02-07
Hey girls & boys! awesome your music listen! love it! have you a myspace site? I would me glad about more from our music in future! sorry for my badly english. stay in Jesus greetings from germany
Viktor: Yes our myspace address is www.myspace.com/veniaband
. We are currently working on a new album that hopefully will be out this year. Thanks for your interest.
Simon(np-host.net), 15:43 20.12-06
Hi,your music are really very good!!!
venia, 15:18 06.12-06
your band name is my first name..
Jere: You have a good name. :)
Mozart(www.holyblood.org.ua), 18:18 24.11-06
Hi guys! It was pleasant to play with you in Turku! I hope yet of time we shall meet ;) God bless you!
Viktor: Thank you, it was nice to meet you too. Perhaps one day we can come to Ukraine and play.
João Kicot(blazingharp.palcomp3.com.br), 06:38 12.11-06
Nice band! Congratulations... Hey listen our songs by Blazing Harp (power metal). www.blazingharp.palcomp3.com.br Bye God Bless
Angelica(www.dirsys.info/tinkerbell-tattoos/), 18:41 18.04-06
very nice site and guestbooks but please give more regular updating
Viktor: We update the site whenever we have something to report/add.
Jari(www.rajattomuus.net), 10:22 03.04-06
Tuli teidän biisi Trirock Radiolta. Yeah. .)
THOR(www.myrevelations.de), 14:57 16.03-06
heyhey! Cd Review online
Birdfaraway, 11:14 03.03-06
Captivating vocals! I love "the path". You ROCKeth :D 1 Thess. 4:17
Polyp ov Pazuzu(www.soundclick.com/therectumsatans), 04:48 31.01-06
Hails to Finland! Spread the brown gospel!
daniele, 21:41 05.01-06
hi guys, i'm from italy. i love listen to you: the music and veronica's voice are wonderful..and the words are perfect. i will pray for you and your work. i think that the finnish language is very melodious..can i demand you one thing?? what's the finnish for Psalm 27:1 ? i'm curious!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! sorry for the mistakes.. :-)
Jere: Thank you for your prayers and nice words. It's very encouraging to know that someone is praying for you. Psalm 27:1 in Finnish: "Daavidin virsi. Herra on minun valkeuteni ja autuuteni: ketä minä pelkään! Herra on minun elämäni turva: ketä minä vapisen!"

God bless you too!
Jerry(www.myspace.com/insonedeath), 01:49 05.12-05
Hey guys i´m from Brazil e i heard your songs, it´s very good, so, God bless you all. I have a band too, she called INSONE you can hear it in www.myspace.com/insonedeath my msn is insone_1@hotmail.com ok contact us. So see ya Sorry my english Jerry

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